We've decided to add a bit of a newspage for fans who may want to know more about us -- as we continue to eke out new songs for our second album (post re-unification) Still Can't Quit Our Day Jobs. 

While the band enjoys all-of-our music (we'd still like to make changes to a-couple-of-tunes on Triad) we are particularly proud of our latest addition:  "I'm Golden."  Hopefully fans will also like "Happy" -- which was composed in about 25 minutes during our Headley Grange simulation in May/June of 2021.  For those of you who don't know what Headley Grange is all about -- you will have to research the famous Led Zeppelin retreat.  And we just learned that Genesis also had a Headley Grange experience.

The rest of the tunes which will be featured on Still Can't Quit Our Day Jobs -- are being mixed and will all be out in-the-not-so-distant-future. 

Evermore only gets together twice-a-year and COVID saw us getting together once in 2020 and once again in 2021.  The latest gathering (the Headley Grange experience) was our 7th since the reunification.  

And to the Hughes Brothers from the land down under -- who co-opted our band name at some point in the last 25-years apparently thinking that we were dead-and-gone -- we begrudge you not: It's a good name.  But should we ever start making the big $$$ -- be apprised that we copyrighted the name Evermore back in 1986.  So if the Hughes Bros. are content to be Evermore Down Under -- we are fine with being Evermore USA.

We definitely don't want to be viewed as another Steely Dan -- we want to get out and play live again -- but we need our fans to spread the word about us so we can quit our day jobs and get back to gigging!

Our deepest condolences to those of you who lost loved ones in the ongoing pandemic.