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Anyone following us (and it seems like the Kiwi Evermore does [more on this later]) will notice
that we finally finished the second album (Still Can't Quit Our Day Jobs) and are rather proud of


Ronjovi has re-done the studio and as a consequence -- some of the later mixes are superior to
earlier mixes. We will continue to put upgraded versions of our songs on this website in
addition to the various music services. So if you like our stuff -- it can be purchased on Amazon,
Spotify, Youtube and a number of other music services.

On this latter note, we apologize that you are unable to download our songs from this website.
We are trying to fix problem -- but can't say how long this will take us. Neither can we gauge
whether fans want "hard copy" CDs until the entire mix for the albums is where we'd like it to be. If you are interested in acquiring an album -- Talk to Taz -- who continues to monitor our
sporadic radio play and media outreach.

For my part, I have to learn how to operate the Tascam Model 12 recording unit so we can put
together more material from-a-distance and hit the ground running when we are in the studio.


*Earlier I made mention of the Kiwi Evermore who seems to have made use of our logo on at
least one of their songs on Spotify. We don't know if this was an accident or purposeful
trademark infringement. We're hoping it was the former...


Stay tuned...

Lazy Bonz, Ronjovi & Taz

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