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Keyboards, vocals, lyrics and arrangements

All guitars, keyboards, vocals, lyrics, arrangements, recording and production


Lazy Bonz

Ron Jovi


Percussion, vocals, lyrics and arrangements

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"Started taking piano lessons at age 6.  Bought my first guitar at age 8 (a Silvertone with a Silvertone amp).  Jammed with numerous people up till age 14. Started a band in Pontiac, MI (with Taz) called No Chaser. No Chaser transformed into The Hooter Band which became a popular Detroit club band.  Joined with Steve Scheff and Taz to form Necronom.  Joined Steve in Los Angeles and formed Seventh Star, Balance and Evermore.  Left for Ohio in 1992 after playing with Terry Mernin and The Mud Puppies.  Opened Blue Room Studio in 2007.  Reunited with Taz and Steve Scheff in 2016 to reform Evermore...and that's the story so far..."

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"During a family vacation to the Outeniqua Mtns. in 1971 -- I heard the most beautiful organ intro (through a mind-numbing migraine) floating in the airwaves.  It sounded a lot like Jon Lord -- so I listened to everything I could get my hands on by Deep Purple -- but could not locate this musical reverie.  

I was still on this search when I met Ron & Dave in 1982 -- only to have our paths diverge in '92 and '84 respectively.  Over the years, each of us listened to our old music hoping for a reunion! This happened in January 2017.  By then I had learned it was Jon Lord on the song Oh No No No which was a B-side on a 45.  But the search was the thing!  On the journey -- I encountered so many great musicians who will continue to inspire me for evermore..."

"Born in Pontiac, MI. The son of a drummer. I don't know when I started playing drums. I just always remember doing it. Played in the concert and marching bands in my school years. Played in some very active bands during the 80s thru 2010, playing anything from a 2 piece cocktail kit up to a 11 piece drum kit. I called it quits until 2017 when I got in touch with my old bandmates from the early 80s. I still own my father's 1964 Ludwig kit.

And I hope to teach my youngest grandson the art of drums."



If you like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Yes, and Deep Purple, you just might like Evermore
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